Lowe's House Enhancement Store of Wheelersburg, Ohio: Review

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The Lowe's Home Improvement shop found in eastern Scioto County is located at 7915 Ohio River Road in Wheelersburg; phone number -LRB-740-RRB- 574-6200. It is the largest house enhancement shop in Scioto County.

Lowe's is a large store, selling lumber, hardware, paint, wallpaper, cabinets, carpet, appliances, plumbing, electrical, tools, yard, gardening and lighting, grills, yard tractors, windows, doors, molding, and all set made sheds.
Basically if you are looking to fix or repair your house, you need to make a run to Lowe's.
Lowe's can be costly, so if extreme budget plan watching is required, make sure to consult other sources, like salvage lawns, or individual sales from the newspaper classified advertisements or even internet message boards. gutter cleaners If new items are desired/ needed, around this area, Lowe's has the largest choice.

Lowe's also has servicemen that can install specific things that they offer; for a cost. They can install appliances, dozens of other things like garage door openers. They will also deliver big products for you, sometimes they charge, in some cases there is a limited complimentary shipment location.

You can likewise purchase prolonged service warranties on home appliances from Lowe's; anything goes wrong, and you call them and they send out somebody to come repair it, no extra charge. They will help you no issue if you require help loading.
There is plenty of parking, the store is always tidy, the sales associates are normally constantly handy with out being overbearing. The toilets are clean but lie in an actually dumb place. They lie on the right wing side of the store as you get in near the far back corner. They must take an idea from Walmart and have one embeded in front and a set in the rear of the store.

Among my major issues with Lowe's is discovering a sales representative to help me; while they have rather a couple of, the shop is so big that in some cases it takes a while to discover one. Then when I discover a sales representative, I am always 20 miles away from where the product that I desired is. The sales representative takes off walking fast [ I am slightly challenged physically] and I can hardly stay in visual contact with them, as I rush to keep up with them.

Another pet peeve I have about Lowe's is when I call them, it takes too long to speak with a living breathing human; but that is my family pet peeve with all those impersonal telephone receptionist computers. There need to always be a faster way to human button. Prefer to talk with a live person hit * B1.

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